Monday, February 23, 2009

What happened to February?

The month is slipping by fast. The weather is getting a bit milder, so I feel more upbeat about that. It was a downer feeling so cold and the dark nights are moving further back.

I heard this news story about the final bag of Woolworth's Pick & Mix sweets being sold through e-Bay for charity. Great idea but shame about Woolies closing, I just thought that store had so many retail outlets that its presence on the high street was rock solid. Just goes to show that you can't take anything for granted.

Last week I had some time off from work and it was great, it's just such a pity that I had to return to work. It was nice not to have to do anything but spend time with the kids. We had great fun unlocking extra tracks and karts on Mario Kart Wii. We did buy a camcorder, so I hope to put up some videos at some point - when I've worked out how to do it and what to record.

We went out last night for our last Chinese meal for hopefully a while (need to lose a few pounds again). We also played a game of ten pin bowling with friends and their kids. It was a pleasant night out but I didn't sleep very well - I think it was the feeling of returning to work and the food lodged in my belly.

In other news, I've started looking out for a new job. Not sure what I want to do yet but I'm scanning regularly.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

More of the white stuff

I was back from my travels North last night. And this morning I was awoken by my wife at 5:20am, she was getting up and looking out of the window. Fresh snow had fallen, I actually thought it looked worse than it had done on Sunday night. Here is a photo from back of the house looking to the garden.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The weather on Sunday turned bitterly cold, wind from Northern Russia I think. Then late in the afternoon and overnight the snow fell. Several inches on our town and as usual a bit of snow has brought everything to a near standstill. The schools closed in large numbers. My own kid's school was open but it too had closed by lunchtime. Here is a shot of the road I was waiting on - the traffic was slow but it was at least moving, except for this shot I was actually waiting at traffic lights.


I love the snow when I don't have to travel in it. I might have to travel further North today or tomorrow and the snow was moving in that direction. Last night the snow turned to ice around here, I think that's worse than the snow.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

John Martyn, a hero passes away

My calendar now has a photograph of the lovely Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil on it, man she's gorgeous!

Since my last post, one of my all time heroes has sadly died this week. Singer and songwriter John Martyn passed away, his songs were of great comfort to me. They always brightened my mood. He was one of those artists that didn't ever compromise, so some of the music is not so easy to get into - you have to absorb it and let it wash over you but once you get it, it is some of the most beautiful music you'll ever hear. Thanks John, Rest In Peace.

I'm now booked on an adult swim class on Tuesday evenings. This was one of my New Year's resolutions and I didn't want to mention it before in case it never got off the ground but now the money has been paid and I start this week - or next, depending on if I have to work in another part of the country on Wednesday or not, I might have to travel this Tuesday night. So, I'm feeling both a bit terrified and happy that I'm doing something about it. At least my son is still learning to swim, my daughter is already an excellent swimmer. I wish I'd done it sooner but I guess its never to late to learn something new.