Friday, April 22, 2016

A wet end to the week

Friday evening is here and the weekend begins. I am extremely tired though. So I probably won't be enjoying my evening very much. Also, it is raining so I can't even go out in the garden to enjoy that. Makes me wish we had a conservatory.
In other news, the death of the pop/rock artist Prince has upset my wife who is a big fan of his. She has seen him in concert twice. I like a few of his songs but have never been a big fan really. 1999 was probably the song I enjoyed the most of his. It takes me back to my school years that song.
I see that the Star Wars film The Force Awakens is out on DVD, I'd like to buy that.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brie cheese

I bought this yesterday and tried it today. It is lovely, I like the creamy texture of it. I had a simple lunch of several pieces of French toast, sliced Pink Lady apple, 5 red grapes, two pickled onions and some of this brie.

Under Siege

I picked up a DVD copy of this film several weeks ago. It's such a clich├ęd movie but there is something about it that I still like. It might be the awful bad guy characters Tommy Lee Jones or Gary Busey or possibly the brief appearance of the wonderfully perfect breasts of Erika Eleniak. It is worth a watch if you have never seen but if you have seen Die Hard, imagine something similar on a US Navy warship and you are there.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Garden time

Last weekend I celebrated my 17th anniversary with my wife. As an anniversary present we were bought a bistro table and chairs set by my mother in-law, a thoughtful gift as I have mentioned that one would be good in the past. It was ordered through a shop I've not been to before called The Original Factory Shop and it was delivered as promised. All very easy. Looks good, even better in real life than in the brochure (below), it has a light in it so will be good for the summer nights.