Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Innkeepers (2011)

I watched this film this week. It's the story of the last weekend of a hotel that is supposedly haunted, it is closing down and the last two members of staff are caretaking. They also have an interest in the paranormal and are interested in capturing proof of the paranormal activity in the hotel. There is a ghost in the hotel and it is a ghost of a woman called Madeleine who hung herself after she was left stranded at the altar of her own wedding. During the course of the film a woman (played by Kelly McGillis) checks into the hotel, she used to be an actress and she is recognised by one of the staff who is a massive fan. However, the woman explains she gave up acting to become a medium. Lots of weird things happen and the female hotel employee bares the brunt of the strange phenomena. Unfortunately she also has asthma and this is not good news. Worthy of a watch but not a great film, a little bit slow to begin with and I didn't know whether it would be a comedy horror or a scary film - from the first 20 minutes you might be confused into thinking it was a comedy.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

No One Lives (2013)

This film is an entertaining thrill ride. It moves along at a great pace and has a good cast. The characters are enjoyable to watch. It concerns a gang of murderous crazies who stumble on a couple having a meal in a bar. One of the gang members starts to harass them but is told to cool it by the gang leader, he cools it for a while but later smashes the window of the couple’s car forcing them to crash off the road. When the man in the couple wakes up he finds himself chained up in a garage with the girl he was with in the bar.
Meanwhile the gang member is searching the car and discovers a panel underneath it with holes. On closer inspection he sees someone in the car. From now on the tables are turned and the gang becomes the hunted.
It all plays really well. The deaths are bloody and just as vicious as you would expect. Some interesting touches here and there and I’d say it was directed very well. Very enjoyable to watch, if you like this sort of thing.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Active noise cancelling headphones

So a friend at work was telling me a few weeks ago how he bought an expensive pair of headphones and feels it was one of his best investments ever. He bought a pair of Bose headphones, one of the expensive makes. I was talking to my wife about the music volume at the gym being very loud and sometimes overpowering the music I’m listening to with my earbuds and headphones that I wear there. She was saying the same thing and we decided we would both buy a pair of noise cancelling headphones for the gym. She opted for ones similar to the folding Sony headphones we bought for travelling to the States last year. Hers are wired and she has to put an AA battery in one of the ear cups for the noise cancelling feature. I read a few Amazon reviews and opted for a pair hat were compared very favourably to the Bose headphones but for a fraction of the cost. My headphones are made by Boltune and they are quite brilliant. The noise cancellation works really well and they are ideal for the train. They claim to have a 30 hour battery life and have a feature whereby 5 mins of charge time gives 2 hours use. I haven’t tested this out but I am very happy with the comfort, sound and build quality. I haven’t been able to compare hem to the Bose, I would. Hope that the Bose offer something in the audio quality department that I’m not getting with the Boltunes, especially considering the price. I expect that Bose have a wider audio spectrum in the treble area and that their sound separation is better: BUT I don’t know this for sure.

Autumn equinox

So today marks the autumn equinox. The date when the amount of day and night are equal. After today until late in December we get fewer hours of daylight than night time. Part of me likes this time of year. I like the aspect of being snug in bed when the temperature starts to fall. I don’t like being out in the cold so much, especially when its cold and raining. I also dislike having colds this time of year. It’s bound to happen when children return to school and all pass their germs around.
I’ve not much else to say on the subject but just wanted to make a comment on the time of year. Happy autumn equinox folks!

Bound to vengeance (2015)

Finished watching this film tonight. It doesn’t seem to have won over any critics on Rotten Tomatoes and I think I can see why. It is a film that concerns females held captive by men who want to keep them as sex slaves I think although it’s a bit ambiguous how much sexual abuse the women in the film have suffered. The female lead escapes and turns the tables on her captor and she forces him at gun point to take her to other houses where other women are being held so that she can rescue them. She learns that he is not in the captor game alone and has to confront other men. There are flashbacks sections told through home movie footage of her life before being held as a prisoner. In these we see with her boyfriend at a fun fair. The boyfriend in question turns out to be involved in some way too. The subject matter of the film is unpleasant (no surprise there) but I think as drawn some criticism for trivialising the suffering of the main character through the suddenness of her turnaround from captive to captor herself. I think this is fair criticism. Many things about the film just do not stack up and it leaves the unpleasant thought in the viewer’s mind that this kind of story somehow trivialises the real world slave trade. As a film the plot moves fairly well and the acting is alright, the dialogue doesn’t seem too far fetched even though the story is weak and lacks compassion for the victim’s plight. Not a film to watch on a date certainly. I don’t really understand who this film is aimed at.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Primal (2010)

I began watching this film several weeks ago I think, I’d forgotten I hadn’t finished it until I resumed watching this evening.It was clearly not a priority to finish it back then and not today either but I did. It concerns a group of young Australians who want to take a trip into the outback to investigate an old cave painting. One of the young women is claustrophobic and doesn’t want to go into the cave, which is bad news because going through the cave is a massive shortcut to the camp site.
So the cave is not a dormant thing as they thought it was. I can’t remember all of the details now to be fair but because they are young and horny a couple decide to go skinny dipping. Unfortunately the water is full of leeches and the girl has to be rescued. During the night she gets progressively worse. She eventually turns into some kind of animal with a mouth full of teeth. The special effects in this film are not that great to be honest. Towards the end of the film there are some decidedly bad effects, almost cartoonish I old say - but in a bad way. One by one they drop, until left with one girl at the end and you guessed it, the survivor was the girl who was claustrophobic and yep, she had to go through the cave to escape. All a bit staid and predictable. I can’t really say there was much to enjoy in the story but the setting and something about the colour grading in the film were pleasant to watch. Ther acting was alright but the script they had to work with was pretty poor.

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Wind River (2017)

This film was surprisingly good. It has Jeremy Renner in it as the main star and Elizabeth Olsen as a rookie FBI agent who is the closest agent on the scene and has been sent to check out a murder of a girl found on the snowy mountain of a native Indian reservation.
This film builds slowly to the climax, which is exciting and dramatic. Overall, quite a classic story and told in a pacey and stylistic way. Very heartily recommend this as a good watch.

The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

This is one of those films that has been quite influential in the genre of horror by a director that has been influential throughout his career, Wes Craven. Like it or loathe it as a film, it has some pedigree. I have seen parts of it over the years but never really sat down to watch it from beginning to end and I'm glad I did because it is not a bad film overall. You have to accept that some of the acting is not great but move past that and it is an interesting little film. I watched it on the Horror Channel, as most of the films I review and because of that I might be missing some parts due to cuts but even so, I really like the ending. It's quite bleak and surprising for its time.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Nothing left to fear (2013)

This film tells the tale of a family moving from the big city to a small town where the father is to become the new pastor of the church. One of the first scenes sees the family pulling in to a farm because they are lost. One of the teenage daughters sees a farmhand bleeding out a sheep on the back of a truck. Still, it doesn’t put her off that much as she tries to pull him a few mins later into the film.
The town seems welcoming at first. However, there is a dark secret in the town. One of the family’s daughters is soon in serious trouble.
I can’t say I enjoyed this film very much, although it isn’t terrible. It’s just not very scary and nothing is really explained - maybe that’s what it should have been called!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sad news of Emily Hartridge’s death

I heard some shocking news yesterday. A video blogger I have enjoyed watching for a few years was killed in a road traffic accident on Friday. Emily Hartridge was her name and she was beautiful and funny and a genuinely nice person. Such a shame and a terribly sad loss to everyone who knew her and those who thought they knew her through her open and honest and funny videos. She was in her early thirties and had so much more to give the world, such a tragedy we have lost her. Terribly sad for her family and sisters, who she was very close to. Such a terrible shock for them, a shock for us all but especially her beloved ones.

Find her work here:

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