Sunday, October 09, 2016

Lovely Molly

I saw this film this weekend and have to say my low expectations were completely unfounded. I think it was because I had seen two so so films that didn't do anything for me. This film is a good one. It was made, apparently, by Eduardo Snachez who was one of the makers of the Blair Witch Project.
Lovely Molly follows a young couple who move into a big house that turns out to be the Molly's family home after the death of her father some time before, it's not quite clear how many years have passed since the father died. There is no mother mentioned, unusually.
So Molly and her partner move in and we learn that her partner are not a wealthy pair, he is away a lot driving trucks and she is a cleaner. She is very pretty for a cleaner and should have gone into modelling instead! Anyway, I was reminded a little bit of The Entity while watching the film. Something about Molly being attacked physically by a supernatural entity we learn is her father. She has a sister, who tries to help. What's interesting is that Molly seems to have had a drug problem in the past. The sister doesn't help this because on Molly's birthday she gives her some marijuana.
So, as Molly's behaviour gets weirder her partner and sister both suspect she is using drugs again. It gives the story an interesting angle. I really thought there were very good touches in this film, I'd argue touches of genius. I rate this film very highly, it is creepy. Exactly what I want from a horror film.

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