Saturday, November 12, 2016

Orc Wars (2013)

I watched this film but I can't work out why I recorded it. It's not a horror film and I'm not usually interested in fantasy films. So, anyway the film has a different title in America as there it is called Dragonfyre: the Worldgate Sentinel. It's a bit of a blend of orc verses military commando. There are lots of things that go unexplained that the viewer is just supposed to accept, like the fact that the estate agent just joins in and kills orcs with a sniper rifle. Like the princess. Like the gang of hooligans in the car. Like how White Feather escapes to fight another day. Like they ask a blind man to drive an armored car. Like why the real estate company didn't notice all the weapons in the basement of a farmhouse they were selling. To be honest, the acting in the film is quite poor and the script is awful. They orc makeup looks like it was borrowed from the Lord of the Rings, copied I should say. Just awful, don't bother watching it.

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