Friday, July 29, 2005

GTA San Andreas

I've been ignoring the media coverage until today - I've just bought this game. I must learn more...I personally don't see what the controversy is.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Everything Or Nothing

I bought James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing at the weekend. What a great game it appears to be, really good value for me too.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Scroll Lock

Does anybody ever use the Scroll Lock key on their keyboard anymore? Good name for a group though.

No Game Purchases

I haven't bought a game for a while. I'm considering a few being sold cheap in Tesco at the moment. The cheapest seem to have really low Gamespot scores, funny that. R-Type Final is one I'm looking at.
The other problem is finding the time to play them. I haven't even PLAYED a game for a few weeks.


I can't quite believe the news over the last two days. The police have been brilliant. The terrorists are on the run - lets hope they're not being forced into committing increasingly desperate attempts to destabilise our society. Perhaps Britain has been too soft in the past on the outspoken. I always thought that was supposed to be a good, tolerant thing. Maybe we should be more intolerant of groups who incite hatred.
I consider myself fairly liberal and a humanist but I'm in danger of sounding like someone from the rightwing of the Conservative party. Is this just happenening because I'm disgusted at the deaths of ordinary innocent people just trying to get fromA to B?
Hope the terrorists are caught and stopped. Life needs to return to normal asap.

Monday, July 18, 2005

London Suicide Bombings

I'm glad the police investigation seems to be going well. I do feel though that what I've heard through the TV, radio and newspapers are just fragments of the story. None of it seems to add up in my own mind. Perhaps in time all will be revealed, perhaps I don't understand the level of disaffection with the West amongst young muslim men. I just can't see the justification for taking your own life in such a selfish, arrogant, misled, cowardly way. The innocent people certainly did not deserve their fate, I hope that the souls of the bombers burn in hell. I'm not proud to feel anger towards them, I'm not emotionally or religiously mature enough to forgive them.

Big Brother Developments

Really, what a shit bunch this year. Kemal and Derek are starting to annoy me seriously. I've always found Makosi interesting and I quite like Orlagh despite her vanity. I wish Eugene would turn it up a notch, his eyes are fantastic when they stare crazily, I wish he did that more. If he turned it up on the crazy-front he would be so much more popular outside the house. As it is, he's losing support by being a boring fart. Anthony, Craig and Science are just waste matter - get rid of them, same as that other excretion Maxwell and by association his bitch Saskia. I guess I'm saying Makosi is my winner at the moment.

G-CON Light Gun

Now, here's the thing. I bought Time Crisis recently for PSOne. Now, to play it with a normal dual shock controller is a bit tricky but with a light gun it might be a lot better. Trouble is, I don't really want a gun in the house (even a toy), so I don't know what to do. If I bought one, I would have to hide it from everybody. I would feel silly being seen using it. On the other hand, I think on my own I would be "Wow cool! I just blew that cocksucker away!". Now, which is the stronger emotion?

My First UK PSP Sighting

Someone on the train I caught today was carrying a PSP. I didn't actually see it turned on, I was hoping that they were going to sit where I could see them but they didn't in the end. I was quite disappointed, I might have started a conversation about it with them. It looked good and seemed to have a soft felt-like black cover. It had something that looked like a rigid grey carrying strap but that doesn't seem to make sense, I wonder what it was. Actually, it looked a bit bigger than I thought it would be.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dangers of Excitement

This story caught my eye this evening. I don't like going on these thrill seeking rides for the simple reason that I don't believe they're safe enough.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Terror in London

The BBC have full details on the London explosions. It has been a while since the mainland has been attacked by terrorists. It's always shocking but with a concerted multi-centre attack like this, it indicates the presence of real evil on our shores. Godspeed to the police and anti-terrorist forces in tracking down the cold-blooded killers who planned and executed this slaughter and bringing them to justice.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Where are they now?

I wonder if in 10 years or so, when the desire for reality tv shows has well and truly expired, programme makers will decide to look back at the reality TV era and interview old BB contestants in a "where are they now?" kind of show? Perhaps it won't take ten years... I wonder if Jade Goody will still be a celebrity then?

BB6 Progress

Well, getting rid of Saskia was a step in the right direction. I find Maxwell most annoying, he deserves to go next. He is so NOT funny and unfortunately his view is the opposite. He's ignorant and loud-mouthed and he's a lazy git.

New Games

My latest games gracing my collection are two PS2 games again, after a bout of PS games. They are:
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003
  • Spider-Man 2