Monday, August 25, 2008


I've been recording Film4's Frightfest films to watch at my leisure, a series of horror films to tie in with the festival in London. I'm looking forward to Re-Animator, Day Of The Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, 28 Days Later, The Blair Witch Project, The Descent, Vault of Horror and Ju-On 1 and 2 (The Japanese, and best, version of The Grudge). I haven't been to the film festival in London but some of the films look really good. This is one of the problems with having a full time job - not enough time off to enjoy life outside of work.

I don't have a all consuming dark nature to watch so many horror films - its just that the season is on and I'm taking advantage: it will take me a few weeks to watch them all and by then it will be Halloween: something else to look forward to! Let's face it, the English Summer is now over so there isn't much else to look forward to but Halloween and then Christmas.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Roundup for August so far

We bought ourselves a DVD Recorder recently and for me its been like discovering video recorders again for the first time. I'm recording quite a few films and even though I thought our DVD collection was good, it's improving with the films I'm recording. I'm pleasantly surprised that so many great films are shown on TV: The Thomas Crown Affair (Steve McQueen version), Wargames, Unbreakable, Day of the Dead, Hellboy and The Mummy to name but a few in the last couple of weeks. This week I see that The Descent, X2, The Blair Witch Project, Terminator 2 and 28 Days Later are on. We did watch a strange horror film from the 1970s last week called Incense For The Damned, a vampire tale very heavily edited at the start - so much that it was quite comical. Not a film I could recommend unless you have some time to kill.

My wife bought me a nice surprise last week: Guitar Hero III for the Wii. My daughter and I have been flexing our fingers and rocking out in the sitting room. It's a great game and the controller works fantastically well. The music is great too.

I finished reading Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and now I'm reading the 4th in the Op Centre series (Acts of War), it's a very exciting read. I've also begun the first volume of the complete Judge Dredd comic strips. I always remember seeing a drawing of Judge Dredd on his motorcycle and thinking that his bike was really cool. It had spikes on the wheels and it was the first time I had ever seen that.

Team GB are doing well in the Olympics considering we are such a small nation. I've enjoyed watching the coverage on the TV.