Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She wolf?

I don’t know what you think of the Shakira single She Wolf? Catchy but a weird video and odd movement.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time for a name change

I want to get a new name for my blog. I didn’t really think too hard about the current name and have kind of regretted it ever since.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Leonard Cohen collapses on stage

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Leonard Cohen collapses on stage 

Leonard Cohen writes songs with wonderful lyrics. I sometimes feel that cover versions are better than his originals but then again sometimes his voice hits me with powerful sincerity and I “get it”. I love Jennifer Warnes’ cd Famous Blue Raincoat in which she sings a variety of songs he wrote, Jennifer Warnes has what I think is one of the most underrated female voices ever.

Leonard Cohen’s album I’m Your Man is probably my favourite of his.

I hope Leonard makes a full recovery.

Weekend thoughts

A sequel to The Da Vinci Code was published this week, I didn’t read the first book but my wife did buy a copy of it. She gave up after a few pages. It is weird how extraordinarily popular a book can become even though (I bet) a large percentage of its buyers never finish it. I don’t know why but I don’t normally buy or read books that sell millions:

  • chicken soup for the soul
  • men are from mars women are from venus
  • the da vinci code
  • 7 habits of highly effective people
  • how to win friends and influence people

Have you ever bought a really popular book that failed to live up to its promise?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wild horses

Wow! One of my favourite songs.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog history

I spent a few minutes today looking at some old bookmarks I’d stored of blogs I found and read. It’s sad the number of blogs that have been removed or just not updated for years by their owners. I wonder what’s happened to the people? What percentage are still blogging but with another identity? Or perhaps there is a percentage who have moved their activity onto Facebook or another medium.

I like the bloggers who keep going. It shows a commitment to the medium. Gives it some kind of validity.

A little music for Monday

A great song and one close to my heart with the line “libraries gave us power”. Hope you’re having a good Monday.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another weekend flies by

Well yes, the fact is that time seems to be speeding up. I seem to have less time each week. I constantly worry about time slipping away from me. I can’t think of what I’ve been doing and when I do get five minutes to sit down and blog I get sucked into web browsing and looking stuff up.

This weekend has been pretty good and relaxing. Nothing special has happened but that’s ok. We’re still sleeping with the windows open and it is starting to get chilly at night, good job we’ve got our big bed cover on now. It’s lovely and furry (without being fur) and is quite heavy. After half an hour or so I have to kick part of it off – I like to keep my feet uncovered to help regulate the temperature of the rest of my body. Funny how I’m always covered up by morning, even my feet.

I’ve been eating way too much recently, it will be difficult but I’ve got to start reducing my intake. I did cook a nice Chinese curry last night. I prefer home cooked food and it often doesn’t take as long to prepare as I think it might. If I find any good, simple recipes I’ll post them here to share.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Penultimate day of school holidays

It was the penultimate day of the school holidays today. Today and tomorrow are daddy days for me and the kids. Mummy has started back at work, so it’s just the three of us. Last year we spent this day in ZSL the London Zoo and this year we decided to visit the London Aquarium (now called Sea Life or something like that) and the Natural History Museum.

Hope you enjoy the photos below. We walked from Waterloo Station past the London Eye to the aquarium. I didn’t take any photos in the aquarium, I don’t like flash photography when animals are close. What annoys me is that people just ignore the warnings when there are clear signs saying not to use flash. We walked over the bridge past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Then a tube ride to the NHM. What a fine building it is, there are lots of stone creatures or gargoyles on the outside making it look like a cathedral. Inside there is a entrance hall and a cast of a diplodocus skeleton.

After visiting the dinosaur hall we visited an exhibition about the human body. The kids enjoyed it because there were lots of buttons to press, lights to turn on and off, levers to pull and plenty of interactive learning exhibits. The ones on perception and optical illusions were very good. I looked closely at a human brain and spinal cord in one case: the spine and brain stem are really like a trunk cable, lots of interwoven electrical cables. I found it surprising how it made me think of computer cables carrying data and that’s exactly what it does of course.

We had a full day and were all tired by the time we left to catch the train back home. As tomorrow is the final day of the holidays we’ll probably take it nice and easy, not quite sure what we’ll do but we’ll have fun. My parents leave to visit my brother in the USA this week, he lives in Massachusetts.