Saturday, August 27, 2011


I feel like I've got a new Netbook. But I haven't, I'm still using the one I bought a couple of years ago. Last night I restored it from the recovery partition again, for the second time since owning it. You see, I counted up all of the applications I had installed and the list was HUGE. I was using it just like I would a notebook/laptop and I never intended that I would use it like that. It was taking longer and longer to load Windows and then I would have to wait while all the applications loaded, including things like the antivirus package and my anti-Spyware protection loaded. So basically, it was taking like-forever! Hence the decision to wipe it and start again. Now I have a fast loading Netbook again and I've only installed the minimum necessary software. There are a couple of programs I need to add but my email, office, social networking, blogging, bookmarking apps are all online and accessible through my favourite browser: Google Chrome. I feel cleansed and so does my Hard Drive.

We visited the town this morning and picked out a Hitachi stereo/CD/FM radio/iPod sound system for my daughter. She is starting to get interested in music of her own choice. So the time is right for her to have her own music system. We've had music players in the kids room before but they were mainly for our own use, now she has her own room as an 11 year old she has a clearer idea of what she likes to listen to. It wasn't all that expensive and the sound is quite good. I tried the speakers on the shelf but they actually sound better on the floor with their backs to the wall. I think that has amplified the bass.

It's match day 3 of the new football season. My team is West Bromwich Albion, they are playing tomorrow, rather than today like some other teams. I've been playing quite a bit of a football video game series called FIFA, it's published by Electronic Arts and at the beginning of all their games they have someone say "It's in the game", which I find a bit funny. I normally find that football games get very very cheap much quicker than other types of videogame. I think it's because the teams move between leagues each season and clubs change team members during the transfer season. So when you buy a new football game you expect it to have up-to-date teams and players. At least as up-to-date as at the start of the season at any rate. But I found this morning that I was able to create a new tournament and add the current crop of teams to it, so I might not have all the current players in the teams but I can mirror the teams that are in the current season's league.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not much to post about

This is probably going to be a random post, as I don't seem to have much to say about anything. We're still sorting through stuff we brought with us when we moved. At least I can say its in the garage and not in storage where we would be paying for it. I found out where our local recycle centre is, after taking a few wrong turns. I briefly looked at Google Maps before I set off and the signposting to the centre wasn't, well it just wasn't - at least not from the direction I was travelling. The wrong turns did lead to to find a country park and a local wood, so I don't feel too bad about losing my way; sometimes a wrong turn helps in some other way (a bit like life!). The recycle centre itself was smaller than I've used before but it had a better feel to it. At our old centre I used to feel that the staff were a bit sharp, meaning I felt some trepidation before putting my rubbish in the skips, occasionally I would get one of them shouting I was putting something in the wrong skip. I know it's their job but I hate being told off.
I did a bit of gardening this weekend with my wife. Putting some slate chips down around the shrubs on the front garden, had to buy 8 bags and boy they are heavy! I did some digging in our back garden, which is much bigger than our old one. It's got some borders, grass, a stepped area and a patio. I would like to work out a design for it, my wife doesn't think it'll ever happen but actually I can't see her agreeing to what I've got in mind anyway. I like gardens that have secluded areas and interesting things. The garden centre where I bought the slates from had these ornaments that were zombies climbing out of the ground - just the head and arms as though they were rising from the grave. I thought they were quite cool but my wife would never have one.

Monday, August 15, 2011

second week back

It's the start of my second week back at work since my holiday. How the time goes by!

The holiday was good. At first I thought it wasn't going to be. But it always takes a day or two to settle, at least it does with us. After that you begin to realise that you're somewhere different and that you might as well enjoy it. I'm pretty positive and always look for the good but my wife at first is more sceptical. I wouldn't say she is negative generally but she is certainly quite negative at first when we go away and either the hotel or the apartment is new to her, she tends to notice the things I would gloss over. However, after the first couple of days she relaxes and we have a good time. Same thing happened this time and actually, even though I was worried it would be too hot and that there wouldn't be anything to do it turned out that was the good part. Lovely hot weather, water and a great time on the beach or by the hotel pool. My kids enjoyed themselves and I read a Michael Connelly, a Nicci French and a Stieg Larsson book, which is quite unusual for me to read so quickly. I preferred to read than watch TV.

Since being back from holiday, I hit work on the Monday and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. This is now my second week back. I finally managed to walk into my new local town and although its smaller than our last town, it is actually a lot pleasanter. There are lots of charity shops and lots of smaller shops that are local people offering craft and other stuff. A new party shop was opening on Saturday and they must have booked an Elvis impersonator to open the store, even the town Mayor turned up and started to dance with people. It was quite good to see that.

Sorry to end this on a downer but we think our fridge has a problem. It makes no sound and doesn't seem to refrigerate properly. The door seals are good, the freezer compartment works and the light comes on when you open the door. It just doesn't seem to be refrigerating as constantly as it should. I think it might be expensive to fix.