Saturday, February 25, 2012

A fine Saturday

I had to travel more for work this past week, I face the same next week. What made it all harder for me was this cold/flu bug that came on suddenly during Monday.
I had a nose that ran all the time and was most irritating. It gets a bit sore if I have to keep blowing it. So I tried blowing it less but that just made me need to puff and pant more with my mouth. I don't like blocked noses.
Today however, I'm feeling a bit better. At least I'm not in the same state that I was on Tues and Weds.
The weather has been a lot milder towards the end of the week. It was mild and sunny yesterday and today has been like that so far.
It's a shame that my wife has had to work today. She would have enjoyed pootling around town with me and our son.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PS Vita

A new game console comes out in Europe soon, possibly even this week. It's called the PS Vita and it's Sony's latest handheld.
My wife bought me a PSP a couple of years ago and I've played games on it and bought a few movies that I haven't watched. Apart from a few, the gaming hasn't lived up to what I really wanted. The main issue wasn't that it lacked a touchscreen, it was that the grip and the trackstick just didn't afford a very good ergonomic. I'm sure the new console will be better than the PSP. The game lineup will probably be strong for the launch. I do think the timing isn't great, not Sony's fault but unfortunate for them and I wonder what the sales will be like for it. I can't afford the luxury of getting one, unless I am prepared to give up my PSP and because it was a present, I'm not likely to do that.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bird table battles

Hello folks, it's been a while! I have a day off today. It feels like Siberia in our house, but the weather outside has risen a few degrees. We're being cautious with the heating after being slammed for 500 pounds recently.
The bird table my wife bought is bringing us some entertainment. Blackbirds, robin redbreasts, pigeons and bluetits have all been seen as well as a cat prowling around.
I watched the BAFTAS last night, it was good to see Stephen Fry being the anchorman again. He's much better than Jonathan Ross, I have to say.
It was quite a shock to hear about Whitney Houston. Such a shame for someone so talented to end up like that due to the drugs, what a powerful lesson for anyone who thinks drugs are worth investigating: forget it!