Monday, April 16, 2012


How are your improv skills? Can you think on your feet?

This is one of those blog memes. I thought I'd give some of these things a try as I've been absent from blogging for a while. 

One of the games I enjoyed as a child was Charades. I like games where I have to think on my feet. Pictionary is good for that too. I enjoyed creating characters as a child, I would often record myself with an old cassette recorder putting on funny voices etc. If I can be creative or imaginative when thinking on my feet I'm strong at it, however I'm not so good at thinking on my feet on practical matters. I'd be no good in a crisis for example. So for me, it's a bit of a mixed picture: I'm good at times at improv and other times I'm just not.
I did enjoy the comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway? and when it first came out I thought it was hilarious, but I think comedy improv wears a bit thin after a while. On the stage, I know that some apparent improvisations are actually scripted but they always seem to amuse the audience anyway. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Come and Gone

I'm sorry I've been very lax over here on this blog this year. I've concentrated on other areas of my life I guess. I had a couple of extra days tacked on to the Easter weekend last week, which were nice, but now Easter has come and gone and my kids are due to return to the normal school week tomorrow. That's another milestone of 2012 out the way, the years go by so quickly.

I've been living with a sensitive tooth for months, since November. I have a dental appointment in a couple of weeks when I hope I can get it fixed up. I think it's a result of not filling it properly last time. I had two fillings re-filled in November and one was fine but the other hurt and the pain has just got worse. I'm okay normally but if I get any cold in my mouth I really feel it and I hate tooth pain.

My work life has been really busy and at home it seems like there is never enough time to sort things out, like we need a new fridge but are getting by with the one we have even though it's not refrigerating as often as it should - we're coping by swapping out the blue plastic ice blocks from a chiller bag every 12 hours. We've been doing this for months. Also there is a light switch needing to be fixed in one room, so we just taped over it and don't use it for now. Then there is a plumbing issue to sort out in another room. Instead of sorting these things out we are busy cleaning, cooking and shopping to keep everything on the straight and level.

My eyes are feeling very itchy this afternoon. I hope it's got nothing to do with the weedkiller I was spraying on the lawn earlier.

I watch X Men First Class last night on DVD, I enjoyed it. Thought it was worth seeing again in the future, I haven't bought it yet though but if I see it cheap I would buy it. I borrowed X Men Origins Wolverine from my dad a few weeks ago and haven't seen it yet. I'm looking forward to watching that now.