Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boys Day Out

This Saturday, I took my son to Comic Con again. I invited my son's friend and his dad too, they accepted the offer and we picked them up in my car early on Saturday morning. I bought the early bird tickets, which meant it was slightly less packed when we got in - at about 9.20am. I'd been up for 4 hours at that point.
The journey was okay. The only slight downside was that the Docklands Light Railway wasn't running. We had a choice of bus or walk and there were so many heading to the venue it would have been an uncomfortable bus ride, we decided to walk. It didn't take us more than 10 minutes, fortunately it didn't rain (much).
It was good to see all the stalls again, some interesting new things like a new British horror film called Young High and Dead (I watched the trailer and spoke to the director). I bought my son a cuddly Pokemon character from Tokyo Toys and he bought an original painting of a Pokemon from an artist. I think it's nice that an 11 year old boy still likes cuddly toys. The venue started to get really busy after 11am and after a little bit more time we decided we couldn't take any more.
During a tea break, I'd arranged with the other boy's dad that we'd take the boys to the Namco Station after the Comic Con, it's an arcade on 4 floors. I'd never been before and the boys were in their element playing various Air Hockey table games. My son had never tried Bumper Cars before and he loved it. So it was a great success.
Next up, we visited Forbidden Planet, a great superhero/cult TV comic, toys, games, books etc. store and I bought a first book in a new Manga series I haven't tried before.
On the way home, for supper we stopped by a traditional 50's style American diner and I had a lovely burger, chips, onion rings and coleslaw meal with a nice hot cup of tea.
All in all, it was a great boys day out.


laura b. said...

Sounds like the perfect Father / Son day! And I agree that it is very nice that he still appreciates a toy that is cuddly and non-mechanized.

FW said...

LB: Yes, it was actually nice to get the boys away from their computer/videogame screens for a while!!