Friday, April 18, 2014

Holiday Humdrum

This is day 7 of my holiday (including the weekend days) and it's today that the rest of the world of work takes a break too, until Tuesday, because it's the Easter Bank Holiday. It's my favourite Bank Holiday because we also get Easter Monday off. I am taking Tuesday off this year in addition to the Bank Holiday Monday, so I get a tiny bit longer than most other working folks.
This week has been largely about the kids. Last Saturday my wife was out for most of the day and evening at a judo competition with my daughter and her friend. Then on Monday my son had a friend over for a sleepover and at the same time my daughter went to a sleepover with her friend. I took the boys to the local country park, after buying them a cool couple of guns (but they didn't really appreciate them!)
Tuesday, Wednesday went by nothing very memorable about them and yesterday it was just my son and I because my wife took my daughter down to Brighton and met up with her friend and her daughters. I did a bit of drawing and colouring with my rendering pens.
I've played a few videogames this week but that's mainly been it. I haven't planned to do very much this holiday and I haven't done much. I'm a little disappointed in myself for not doing more really. Never mind. Still a few days left but today and tomorrow I'm a taxi for my wife and daughter.

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