Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Warhammer 40000 Space Marines miniatures

Last day of my son's summer holidays. We had a few things to do today, including book him a birthday party for the end of the month. As a spontaneous activity we decided to visit a Games Workshop store my wife mentioned to me. It was one I wasn't aware of and when we got there found that it wasn't really a Games Workshop but they do stock GW models. My son is interested in some creature models they sell called Tyranids. However, we went in looking for something potentially to start a collection with. The man in the shop was very kind and suggested how to get started. Some stock was coming in on Thursday but it would be too late for my son by then, so to tide him over until Thursday the guy was kind enough to give my son a small model from a box of spares I think he had in the back of his shop. Amazing! We will have to wait to get the paints but the miniatures look cool, here they are in their raw form.

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