Sunday, June 28, 2015

Glastonbury Festival 2015

The end of June always makes me think of summer festivals and they don't get much larger than Glastonbury. It's a festival I've never been to but always looks like an amazing one. I don't think it's the music that makes it so special though. It's the vibe. Last year Metallica performed a blinding set but a lot of the bands I like don't get booked. This year's line up was particularly weak in my opinion and I didn't really see anyone headlining that I would really pay to see, apart from Foo Fighters - they would have been awesome if Dave Grohl hadn't broken his leg a week before. I haven't seen any of Kanye West's performance but I'm just not interested. I did catch some of Motorhead's performance and I also caught some of Florence and the Machine and she was pretty cool.

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