Sunday, June 14, 2015

London Thames Clipper and Emirates Air Line

On Friday night my family and I spent the evening in London. We enjoyed a nice Mexican meal and then caught the London Thames Clipper river boat service at the London Eye and headed for North Greenwich. The ride on the boat was quite a long one and it was good to see things from an angle that you don't normally see them from.

Once we got to North Greenwich we then left the boat and took a walk over to the Emirates Air Line. We booked return tickets and because it was raining the cable cars had to run more slowly than usual. It was at dusk and the darkness was just starting to arrive, but it was still light enough to enjoy the views.
Then after the Air Line it was back to the boat and then back to the London Eye but on the way back it was evening and we saw the lights of all of London's buildings at night. It was great. My photo is a bit shaky because of the dark and the movement of the boat.

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