Friday, June 24, 2016

EU Referendum

Well our votes were cast yesterday and the decision has been made. The UK is going to leave the European Union but the timetable is not absolutely clear. David Cameron has decided to leave his job as Prime Minister by the Conservative conference in October.
I am sorry that this was the decision. It was very close, 52% v 48%. And Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the UK, so the ramifications are important. Remarkably the turnout was 72%, which is high for an election however that's still a significant number of people who didn't vote, sadly.
I disliked the way that both the Leave and Remain campaigns were run. There was scare mongering and incitement of hatred against immigrants. I also think that there is a feeling that the difference between the young and older voters was significant in that younger voters were in favour of remaining in the EU and older voters were against BUT I'm not sure that this was really the case.
It's possible that Scotland will have another independence referendum, they certainly seem to be seeking one. The UKIP leadership were jubilant this morning, while it was noticeable that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove were sombre and paid tribute to David Cameron. Looks like there is a question mark over Jeremy Corbyn as leader as well.
I hate politics!
I am sad about the decision, I was very proud that the UK was part of Europe and I think the economic arguments for remaining in the EU were convincing.

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