Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Children

This wasn't on the horror channel but is supposed to be a horror film. It involves children so won't be for everyone. The children are supposed to be the scary ones in it. It is set in contemporary England and two families are renting a large house in the country for what I think us a Christmas getaway. It wouldn't be too bad a horror film for Christmas time. But at the present time, I can hardly think of Christmas.
The children turn out to be possessed or something. Again the plot of this film leaves a lot to be desired. It isn't as incoherent as the Cradle of Fear film but it doesn't do very much to explain what is happening and the children in the film are very young. The character called Casey is played by Hannah Tointon who played Simon's girlfriend Tara in season 3 of The Inbetweeners, one of my favourite series. Hannah is the best thing about the film in my opinion, she plays her part well.

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