Saturday, September 10, 2016


I watched this film last weekend but didn't have time then to blog about it, hence this blog post. Erm, the British horror film Deadtime is bad. No other way to say it. It is a film about a has-been rock band about to fold when given a last reprieve in the chance of an opportunity to lock themselves away in a disused old building/music studio and make a video. I was a little confused whether they were recording music or making a music video or both.
Terry Christian and Leslie Grantham make brief appearances at the start of film. Happily they aren't on screen for long. The script quality was very poor. The cast performances were nothing to shout home about either. The aging front man of the band attempts to look hip and cool and dangerous and fails to pull it off miserably. It is embarrassing to watch.
The slasher-film action is sub-standard too. There are something like 11 murders and you just couldn't care less about any of the victims and even their manner of death is quite tame. The effects are all pretty lame.
I would not recommend this film to anyone.

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