Saturday, September 10, 2016

Nude nuns with big guns

I watched this film last weekend as well and I was expecting that I'd have to turn it off after a few mins. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the film. It is a ridiculous film, don't mistake me but have you never heard the expression "so bad its good"?
There are a number of incomprehensible things about the film, why are the nuns nude? They seem to exist solely for the purpose of packing drugs into suitcases for the priests who are in league with Hells Angel gangsters. The Hells Angels henchmen include a big black guy that rapes to order an old nun who has taken a vow of silence so that she gives up her vow to reveal what she saw. In another scene a family pull up at the same gas station that they're at and he rapes the wife while the husband is humiliated and the daughter is in the back going to get raped next. All couched in a questionable comic-ish way.
There are plenty of boobs in the film and some nun on nun lesbian action but not quite as many big guns as I was expecting. It is a revenge film I guess and has a Wild West theme to it. Pure fantasy and a strange one at that. It's not a film that leaves you wanting more however once you start watching it sort of drags you in and keeps you there waiting for the next ridiculous scene.
Apparently there were two companies claiming copyright for the film who were suing a large number of bit torrent users for illegally downloading it prior to its release.
Would I recommend this film? Er not really sure, it's probably just down to personal taste, it will be repugnant to probably half the population at least!

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