Saturday, October 15, 2005

House of the Dead (film)

I rented this out recently, my hopes weren't high and guess what? They weren't disproved. What a piece of garbage. Resident Evil was a videogame-film translation that actually worked. This one emphatically did not. HOTD is a textbook example of how to ruin a film. One of the things that infuriated me was using the slashing claw graphics from the game as part of a transition effect between scenes. It looked rubbish and was totally inappropriate. I rented the film because I liked the game and hoped that they developed a bit more of the story - I can't get very far in the game so this I thought was a way to watch the story. The story in the game and the story in the film are totally different. The game storyline is so much better, that should say it all really. Out of ten, this film would score minus numbers for me.

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