Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Captain Scarlet

Here's an odd thing. I saw the merchandise for this before I saw or heard anything of the series. Apparently, it was broadcast on CITV but has been pulled. I've loaned the first series of 13 episodes from my local library (only 26 episodes exist in total as far as I know) to watch. The production quality is great- HDTV and Dolby 5.1 - there has clearly been a lot of money and effort expended in making the 22 minute episodes. A lot of drama is packed into each show. When the original series was shown on TV I was too young to appreciate it. But as a child of the 70s I loved anything that Gerry Anderson did. It seems a great shame that a new generation can't connect with the heroes of Spectrum fighting against the Mysterons. It has always been a great story and there are some subtle changes in the new series (Cloudbase Alpha is now just Skybase and Lieutenant Green is now female) but its just as dark as it always has been. Perhaps that is part of the problem: it was broadcast on CITV and really, I think it has more appeal for adults. Adults on the whole, however, don't tend to watch CGI TV series.

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