Saturday, July 27, 2013

New music - Spotify

A while back when I first converted my little netbook to Ubuntu Linux, I wasn't sure I could get it working but I installed some Spotify beta software and to my surprise it did work. I find Spotify quite a good service, although I don't subscribe to it as I don't quite have the listening time to make it worthwhile.  The adverts are a little bit annoying but are bearable. I particularly like the top lists, where I've come across up-to-the-minute music that I've liked for six months or more before they form part of my wife's consciousness - she's very conservative when it comes to music.
There are no shortages of internet radio stations or music services but if you are interested in discovering new music, I'd recommend Spotify. The free version includes adverts and there is a limit to how much per month you can listen to but I've never hit that limit. As I write the limit is 10 hours per month, which is 2.5 hours a week, easily within my limits.

I did scan a few lines recently that some respectable artists, such as Radiohead, had pulled tracks from Spotify because of some rights policy or other. Without knowing the full facts I can't say much about this.


laura b. said...

I like Spotify too! As with you, it wouldn't be worth works for me.

FW said...

LB: Cool, I read the article about Spotify a couple of days ago but I'm really none the wiser!