Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rest In Peace - JJ Cale

One of my heroes passed away from a heart condition today, JJ Cale. I first came across the artist when I heard the song Shanghaied in the early 1990s, I think it was. I haven't collected a lot of music by this guy but I have two or three albums and they're fantastic records. The thing about JJ Cale was that he wasn't a typical frontman but he had a lovely voice, very soft, very musical. I have Really and Okie on CD and at my parents house on vinyl I have Travel Log.  He also recorded an album with Eric Clapton that I have. JJ Cale was a great blues singer songwriter, I thought he wrote some awesome songs and so must a lot of the top artists because you might be more familiar with his songs as covered by other artists, such as Eric Clapton's version of Cocaine. I'm very sad he's gone, his music made me feel happy and always will.


laura b. said...

I felt like his death didn't get much coverage. Thanks for featuring him here.

FW said...

LB: Yeah, I really haven't been aware of anything in the media about him. That's a real shame :-(