Monday, January 06, 2014

Cat nap

Our cats spend a good amount of time asleep. They are awake and moving for quite a bit of the day but they also seem able to nap whenever the mood takes them. They look so comfortable when they're dozing. I enjoy watching them curl up and go to sleep. They seem able to instantly wake again. I admire that ability. Sometimes I can catch them having a stretch and a yawn. I am glad we have them. I can't imagine not having them now. I like how they snuggle into a soft blanket, sometimes they snuggle together which is cute but more often they sleep on a window sill or beneath a radiator or on the floor where the warmth from the heating pipes can be felt. It would be nice to be reincarnated as a cat just as long as the family were loving.
(One thing I don't much like is when they leave muddy paw prints on the floor. Not much I can do about that one I suppose.)


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