Monday, January 27, 2014

R.I.P. sweet L.B.

I've been concerned for a few weeks that I hadn't heard or read anything from the only person who regularly reads and posts comments on my blog. I can be so blinkered at times. I just thought that L.B. was taking an unannounced break at the end of the year. Little did I suspect there was anything wrong, until the break I imagined reached a point where my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try and do a bit of reading round other blogs I knew she read. A person like L.B. wouldn't just stop without saying anything.
This evening I've discovered the shattering truth that my blogging friend passed away on Boxing Day 2013. I'm so sorry for her family, her beloved children and her partner D.R. I'm still in shock about it.
L.B. was a very genuine person who always had a positive thing to say, I enjoyed reading her Choose and Defend features every week and commenting on them. She was very consistent in her blogging and in her commenting. I was aware that she had followers and that she read other blogs but I felt she still gave some of her time gladly in commenting on my silly blog posts about the stupidest things. I will miss her kindness and sense of humour. She was effectively the patron of my blog. She was the reason I blogged about some of the things I chose, I was genuinely interested in her opinion on them. Even up until today I was looking forward to hearing her comments on my posts this month.
I'm glad that other bloggers like AlienCG and JamesOStafford have posted their own tributes to her. I can't quite believe the news. I have to imagine her having a great time in heaven and continuing to follow the bloggers who she honoured with her thoughtful comments. Love and peace, sweet L.B.

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