Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Garden smoothie

I used the new blender yesterday for the first time, my first creation with it was a garden smoothie. I managed to drink it although I'm not sure it was balanced well enough with all of the flavours. Among other things it had pineapple, apple, lime, ginger, curly kale and ice. It was a nice consistency of texture though, all the way through. The photo I took of it is below, not the best photo in the world, it's under a tungsten light bulb.
I cooked the family supper last night and it went down alright. It was a mild chicken curry and I cooked potatoes with it. The potatoes were very watery though and ended up being mashed as the only way they would work. It turned out okay though. It had a lot of fresh ingredients in it. I used the blender for chopping onions, garlic and carrots.
For our pudding my son took over the blender and we loaded it with banana, frozen fruit, cream and some syrup. It made us a lovely strawberry and banana ice cream.

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