Sunday, October 19, 2014

High Street Halloween

The supermarkets have got into the spirit of Halloween I see, not only can you find dressing up clothes, sweets and pumpkins, but you can also find cobwebs and gruesome arms and legs in amongst the vegetables. The graphic nature of severed hands, feet and arms and the ever more realistic paintwork and moulding is quite shocking. Bones sticking out, flesh ripped and sliced. It's all a bit too much I think. Is this a sign of me just getting too old and not keeping up with the times? I just worry the effect this has on the youngest members of society who must think this stuff is just normal. Sometimes I feel that life is leaving me behind. The picture below was taken to give an example of what I mean, I shot this as I came across it, there were other body parts in there as well.

I liked some of the window displays in town, I like to see shops making an effort to put things in their window that are seasonal.

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