Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween is coming!!

I sort of like this time of year. At the moment, I feel like watching scary films. My imagination is running wild. It's the dark nights and dark mornings I think. The moon seems low and bright. I watched an episode of Grimm the other night, that's probably the darkest thing I've seen recently. That's not very good considering all of the horror on Netflix. I should make more use of Netflix, I seem to use it to catch up on TV series. Anyway, I'm moving off the point of this post, which was about frightening myself. When I was a young child I remember seeing a few scary things on TV. These were in order of seeing them:
  1. There was a series of TV plays broadcast in the 1970s. In one of these, I don't remember very much but I do remember that there was a spiral staircase and at the bottom it was a cluttered room but amongst the clutter, peaking out from underneath something, was a dead woman's hand, just the hand was visible. That scared me. It was probably the first experience I had of seeing something scary on TV.
  2. The second thing was I was watching an episode of TV crime series Starsky and Hutch, it was the combination of normal crime busting with the supernatural that surprised me. Anyway, the scary part was a section of the show where a woman was going back to her car at night and out of the shadows running at her was a vampire. She was trying to get the key into her car and this thing was running straight at her. That scared me, a still photo is below so you can see the part I mean.
  3. Lastly, the most terrifying in many ways was another David Soul show. This time, it was a boy in his bedroom awoken in the night by his dead friend outside. Salem's Lot was the show's name and it was a true TV classic. My daughter won't watch it, she's too scared at 14. I must have been younger than that when I first saw it.

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