Monday, May 30, 2016

Afternoon creativity

Rather than play videogames, which I have nothing against, I decided to try something a little more artistic this afternoon. Afterall, I love purchasing drawing books and drawing equipment. I thought I would put some of my gifts to good use. My wife bought me these Letraset pro-marker pens and I have used them a few times but not to any great purpose. This time I thought I would put things to use. I bought a codex book a while back now on the Warhammer Space Marines and I haven't really used it, so I thought I would select one of the  images from it that I thought I could draw. There are lots of great images in the book.

Here is the progression of my drawing to the finished piece. After drawing the image and inking it in, I made a black and white scan of it and coloured that in.

About to start, getting my music ready

Main character outline done

Main inking done

These are the main colours I will use

Starting to add colour

Main character colouring complete now

Added some background colour

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