Sunday, May 08, 2016

EU Referendum

The important date is Thursday 23rd June 2016. This is the date that the people of the UK get to decide their fate in Europe. We get to choose whether we want to stay in the European Union or to leave it and go our way as a country.
Everyone seems to want a say in this, including president Barack Obama. I respect Barack Obama. He made a stir in the UK by suggesting that if the UK did leave the EU, it would mean a step backwards in terms of trade affairs - he made use of the unfortunate phrase "back of the queue", which seems to have stirred up some feelings.
Personally, I don't side with David Cameron on many things but on the subject of Europe, I think the arguments for staying within the EU are sound. I'm not arguing we can't do everything we do now, in many ways we will continue to be able to do them and it might help in some areas if we did leave the EU. But I believe we have to look at the long game. We also have to consider our security and how we protect our country by the sharing of intelligence information across borders with other national security agencies.
There is still time to read more and consider the arguments from all sides. I shall be doing this and urge everyone whether undecided or not to do this.

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