Sunday, May 08, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Last weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, officially known as the May Day Bank Holiday even though the 1st of the month was last Sunday. So all public sector workers and a good many private sector ones got a free holiday day on Monday. It was so good to get an extra weekend day. So good infact, that I didn't even spend my time blogging about it!
On Sunday last week I took my son over to sunny Milton Keynes Cineworld cinema to go and see Marvel's latest picture called Captain America: Civil War. A tale about Captain America's obsession to help his friend and wartime buddy Bucky Barnes but also about internal divisions within the team of Avengers about oversight and who is best positioned to protect the human population of Earth from the Avengers themselves. During the film, we are introduced to a new Marvel character called the Black Panther and to the baddie Baron Zemo (although I'm not sure he's a baron within the film universe. There is more to say about the film, a lot goes on which is really good. The film is well-paced and has a lot of action and some drama as well as comedy moments. It's very well made all-in-all.

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