Monday, November 25, 2013

Dr Who's 50th Anniversary

On Saturday night I watched the super anniversary episode of Dr Who broadcast almost all over the globe apparently. It was a really great episode. We all enjoyed it in my family. I also watched a really good dramatization of the story of the beginning of the Dr Who TV series which was also really good. I didn't appreciate before how much a young female producer called Verity Lambert did for the show when it first started. I also didn't know that it was some of the fans of the show who brought it back to the screen. It has a very special relationship with its fans. I love Dr Who.


laura b. said...

I know shockingly little about Dr. Who, but I always admire and appreciate a great fandom!

FW said...

LB: Me too! I watched a factual show and some of the current tv show writers brought out boxes of tapes and fanzines they wrote and recorded and distributed to other fans. Amazing fans! And credit to the BBC for believing in the show.