Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Trick Or Treat: the Grabbers

Last Thursday I had the day off from work, which was great and I was really glad I took some time off. Anyway, it was also Halloween. I took my son and his friend, who was sleeping over, out in the afternoon to see a film (more about that in another post). When we got back my wife helped the boys carve some pumpkins and after that we went out to MacDonalds for a slap up meal and back home to play some multi-player Call of Duty. I'd not played with three people sharing the same screen before and I found it difficult because I kept getting distracted by the other screens - so I died a lot in that game! I also put the candles in the pumpkins, lit them and put them in our bit of front garden (it's literally just a bit of front garden - not big at all).

During the playing of the game the other distraction was Trick or Treaters. My son was the nominated one to open the door and offer a bowl of sweeties to the children. Now, I don't want to sound mean but some of the kids calling were so rude and grabby that I imagined inventing a hidden grabber of my own that would be hidden in the sweet bowl to teach the kids who just rudely grabbed handfuls of sweets a lesson by grabbing their hand (making them release the sweets) and giving them an electric shock - just powerful enough to teach them a lesson! It wasn't all the children who called, most were lovely and polite but some (without adults to supervise) were just horrid young teenagers. The last callers came just after 9pm, which I thought was too late but I hadn't moved the pumpkins to the back garden at that point. I'm not sure they were legitimate trick or treaters - they drove up in a car and left that way, maybe they were setting up their own sweetshop on the back of their industrial scale operation to harvest as many sweets as possible? I found them loathsome enough to take the pumpkins away at that point, I still think it's too late for trick or treating, even if they had been the nicest of the night.


laura b. said...

We don't get too many trick or treaters at the apt where I live. But I remember years past, the grabbers. No manners at all. And I don't like it when the bigger kids horn in. Also, agree that 9pm is really too late to still be out knocking on doors.
Glad you and the boys had a fun night, though!

FW said...

LB: Thanks, yep we sure had a good day of it!