Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend dental work

I had a dental check-up on Tuesday. Earlier this year a piece of one of my molars broke off. It felt like a big bit and left the back of the tooth feeling all jaggedy. I wasn't surprised when I had my check-up that the dentist suggested some work on it. I could have gone for a repair that might not have been very strong or a replacement of the filling that was already there. I did the latter. The next available appointment was Saturday, so that's what I did on Saturday morning. It is never much fun having work done at the dentist. I had several metallic fillings as a child and never enjoyed the process. I hated the sound of the drill. The sound of the drill hasn't changed much but the fillings have certainly improved. I have a nice white filling there now, so my teeth look much nice than before. My face ached though from having to stay open so wide with various metal tools in place. I couldn't hold the mouth rinse in my mouth because one side of it was so numb. When I got back to my car I tried to form a kiss with my lips but the left side of my mouth wasn't playing ball and it looked like I had had some kind of a stroke.
After a couple of hours the feeling of numbness wore off. I hope it's a long while before having to have any more treatment.


laura b. said...

The dentist is no fun at all. But you got through!

FW said...

LB: Thanks, my dentist is friendly and knows my name which does help. I have a feeling I've another tooth with a bit missing since my dental visit. Hopefully that can wait, dental treatments are not cheap.