Saturday, February 01, 2014

Stupid teenagers must die

I thought the title of this film was amusing, it's a sentiment we can all identify with, so I gave the film a go. The image quality was grainy and dark at first, so I thought it was deliberate but as I watched further I began to suspect it was just shot on low quality film and with low quality cameras. It turns out that this is the case. The poor quality actually doesn't convey any sense of threat and just gets in the way of enjoyment of the film. Sound quality is poor, it's not just the image quality.
The plot is ridiculous, some teenagers have been able to enter the house infamous because of a former serial killer inhabitant. Some have an intention to scare others by leaving horror props around the house, like plastic gravestones and real kitchen knives. The ouiji board comes out and when you expect the fun to begin it quickly turns into tedium. There is an attempt to give the characters traits, like the cynical boyfriend, two sex crazed lesbians, a cool guy in a leather jacket, a beauty and a couple of jokers plus a few others. None of the characters engender any sympathy. When the killing began I was hoping all the deaths would be swift to get it over with. It is a short film but it felt longer than it was as I watched it. The visual effects were poor and the low quality of the image didn't do the effects any favours but I suspect higher quality film would just have made the effects look even less convincing than they were. After setting up the premise of the film, unfortunately the execution of the film was poor. There is nothing about the film I could recommend. It's not a good laugh, not a good horror, not a good parody of horror and just not a good "bad film". Not worth anyone's time in my opinion. Disappointing.

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