Monday, May 05, 2014

Lost Girl

his is another American TV series that I have discovered through Netflix. I have only watched the pilot episode so far but I enjoyed what I saw. The central character learns in the pilot episode that she is not human. She has a power to extract the life force out of people and enchant them through contact with her. She discovers that there are other non-humans living among us, a species called Fae. There are two factions: light Fae and dark Fae. She was asked to choose which faction to join or face death but she chose to live as human. She's got a young female thief as a partner who she rescued her from a rapist after he tried to drug her. She learns that she is a Succubus, a kind of female seductress in fantasy and folklore, which makes the series somewhat similar to Grimm but the show is made in Canada. I quite like the fact that it is more quirky than average and I didn't think such a show would be popular but it seems to have a good following and is into it's 4th season.

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