Monday, May 26, 2014

Sheffield Space Centre at MCM London Comic Con 2014

I visited the Sheffield Space Centre book stall at the London Comic Con. Last year I started my Bleach collection and this year I bought several more manga books to add to my collection. Last year, we visited Forbidden Planet and I picked up a copy of the first volume of Attack on Titan. It had just come out and had got good reviews. This year I picked up the second volume whilst at Comic Con. I also picked up two new series: the first is a Manga that has been around a long time, Full Metal Alchemist. I got the first volume. The second one I picked up was one I had never heard of before but the person standing next to me said it was very good, so I thought why not. It was a series called Black Butler, I got volume 1 of that. I've also read the first volume of another Manga I got last year, from a shop in Manchester, called Uzumaki. I'll post more about that another time. Photo of the Sheffield Space Centre stall from Comic Con below. I'd love to visit the real shop sometime when I'm in Sheffield next.

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