Saturday, May 17, 2014

Quiet day

I've had a quiet and restful Saturday afternoon and evening. My wife and daughter have been out all day and I dropped my son off at a friend's for a sleepover after lunch.
I mowed the grass and intended to have a videocall with my brother. we started but then his power went off so that killed it after a few minutes. Shame I was looking forward to a chat. never mind, we'll do it another time. I watched a Blu Ray disk I bought on Tuesday, it was Retrospect by the band Epica and it's very good.
I picked up the 6th instalment of Batman Eternal and the second volume of the Batman Court of Owls story. I've also picked up my copy of volumes 1-3 of the manga Bleach by Tite Kubo. I do like the style of it, I'd forgotten how enjoyable to read it was. It reminds me I have some other Manga volumes to read that I bought last year but haven't picked up. I feel a bit guilty about that! Especially since we have Comic Con coming up next Saturday!
This morning I enjoyed a Costa coffee blended with ice and it was very delicious. I enjoyed it while reading the paper and sitting in the window of the shop watching people go past. It was very relaxing.

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