Monday, July 07, 2014


The shoes I wore for the Cancer Research UK relay at the weekend weren't great for my feet. I have toes that rub together and blister quite easily. Maybe I should plasters on my feet as a prevention measure? It's a bit late to think of this now. I wore an older pair of training shoes because I thought I would ruin them in the mud, thinking the weather would be wet. But actually, after a downpour on the first morning, which we avoided anyway. The weather the rest of the weekend was quite good. It was good enough to be able to forget about it mostly and concentrate on enjoying ourselves. I was vey tired yesterday afternoon once we got home. I started to watch the British Grand Prix but eventually fell asleep. I popped the blisters today and squeezed out the juice, so they're a little painful but not as bad as they were last year. It helps me think about the people who have had their lives touched by cancer and remember that they're pain is far greater than anything my blistered toes give me.

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