Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pictures from new camera

For the web I have had to edit these and scale them down. I have only scaled down the size. The photos themselves haven't been edited in any way. There are a lot of settings to play with in the Panasonic Lumix TZ40: program modes, metering modes, exposure compensation, film speeds, white balance etc. (if you're inclined, of course) or you can just leave the camera on iA (Intelligent Auto) mode and snap away. I was in Brighton yesterday and took a few shots, the light was very bright so I used exposure compensation to increase the colour saturation. There is a vivid colour mode however so I could have used that. Do you see what I mean about there being a lot to play with? The information below each photo wasn't written down at the down, it comes from the properties of the image file that the camera records behind the scenes.

First up is a photo I shot of a flower in my garden. I used a tripod to prevent camera shake, although the camera software itself has a stability option that I had turned on. This photo was taken as an example of using the Aperture Priority program mode and a shallow depth of field, I wanted a shot with a foreground subject in focus and a blurred background. The light wasn't as strong as it could be, it was shot after 7pm and the flower bed is in a corner of the garden. I used the widest aperture I could and an ISO of 100.

f/6.4; 1/60 sec; programmed mode; ISO 100; 0.00 EV; pattern metering
The next photo was taken through the glass of my hotel window in Manchester. I was also trying out a travel tripod I had just purchased that evening from Jessops. I don't take many night shots but as I had my tripod with me I thought it would be ideal. A lot happens in Manchester at night so it was a good location to shoot. I switched to the manual program and relied on the metering to get the exposure right.

f/5.1; 4 sec; manual program; ISO 100; 0.00 EV; pattern metering

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