Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas drinking

I had a few glasses of wine on Saturday, with friends, but apart from that I've stayed off the alcohol. On Christmas Day I expect I will have a few drinks to dull the senses and allow me to settle into a relaxed state of mind. I guess most of the alcohol shall be consumed after cooking the Christmas meal, we will have a house full of guests, with a couple of them staying overnight. I won't be able to drink too much however, as I'll be driving up to Birmingham the next day.
Drinking at Christmas is great up to a point. There is also a down side to it. Accident and Emergency departments know this only too well. My daughter is 14 and I have wondered whether or not I should introduce her to alcohol, so that she tastes it and experiences it in the safety of our home. However, I decided not too, she's still very young and although I'm worried about her trying alcohol I trust her not too. She also dislikes anything fizzy, which is quite a good thing. Not many days left until the big day, it's Christmas Eve tomorrow.

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