Friday, December 26, 2014

Running shoes bargain

Well, I have told myself that 2015 is the year to start new healthier habits and one of those is to start running. I'm not yet sure when I'll fit my running in but I want to run three times a week. I hope it will help my mental and physical health. So I have a podcast that I can listen to called From couch to 5K, which is from the NHS Choices website, there are lots of running events around the local area and I might sign up to a 5K in Milton Keynes in March if I'm able to keep going. I was slightly worried about the cost of running shoes because my Nike training shoes aren't going to be any good - they give me blisters as you've seen via these pages in the past (see post on Race for Life event). However, I looked in on a local sports seconds shop and found a pair of Karrimor D30 Elie shoes. Whilst I was in the shop I tried on a few pairs of running shoes but these ones were the most comfortable and best fit for me as far as I could tell. So I bought them, they were £25 instead of their usual street price of £69. I'm always interested in a bargain and without being sure that running is for me, it's the right price point to give running a go.

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