Sunday, August 23, 2015


This evening I decided to watch the film Equilibrium, starring Christian Bale. I have seen parts of it before, usually the end, but this is the first time I've seen it through to the end. It's the story of the future where emotion is suppressed for the good of mankind - supposedly to prevent man's inhumanity to man. But this is rather odd because society is a police state with the police as judge, jury and executioners. There is a higher power than the police, called Grammaton Clerics who are trained in a special form of martial arts that apparently gives them the power to avoid being shot. Ridiculous stuff. The populace have their motions subdued by a drug called Prozium. There is one God-like character, known as Father and the actor playing him is Sean Pertwee.
There are some daft set pieces and an even dafter ending to the film. I much prefer The Matrix for martial arts action, this doesn't quite have the storyline to make it very interesting.

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