Sunday, August 09, 2015

Leisure holiday

My holiday this year has involved a hotel stay in the same place we stayed as last year. Except this year, we have been a little bit braver and tried out the pool facilities at the hotel. To be honest, because I haven't swam in so long I was a little bit nervous about going into a pool. However, I managed to overcome my inhibitions and for the sake of my son's enjoyment we visited the pool. It was good for me, After 3 days I have become re-acquainted with water and swimming. If I had easy access to a pool I think I could become quite good. I'm not very good as a swimmer but after 3 days I can remember some of what I forgot, I still have a fear of water that means I'm uncomfortable in it but I was able to not embarrass myself too much. There were also facilities like a spa pool, sauna and steam room. I enjoyed the steam room but didn't like the dry heat of the sauna very much. I do like the idea of losing weight just by sweating but I was definitely not in the rooms long enough for any of that to happen. I do feel like we have got more out of the hotel stay than we did last year.

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