Sunday, January 17, 2016


Having bought the Blu-ray of this film a while ago, I thought last night was the time to see this film. It felt very long. I thought the main character was very annoying and he detracted from my enjoyment. It was a film that tried to do too many things for me. I didn't see enough sci-fi in it for my liking. Far too much time was taken up at the start with Coop on Earth. Then a load of physics was thrown in our face. Then there was a sole survivor scientist who they tried to save but who went mad. So, it felt a little bit clichéd in places and at other times felt slow. It also got too serious with itself. There were elements of other sci-fi films but none were that well taken up. The music was pretty good though, it certainly increased the drama to a higher level than the acting did.

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