Saturday, January 30, 2016

Baise Moi

For a long time now I've wanted to watch this film and finally this week I had a chance so I took it. It is the story of two unemployed French women who live life on the edge - not holding down a proper job and forced to make a living by sex or begging. One of them is brutally raped and the other witnesses her boyfriend shot dead in the street outside his hotel. Things go out of control when one of the women accidentally kills her brother, she then robs his cafĂ© till and takes his car. The two women happen to meet when they find the same train station shut. They then use the money and car to go on a spending and murder spree. They meet a variety of people on their journey and usually the meetings end in killing.
I watched a documentary afterwards. I thought it was an interesting film. There were some sex scenes in the film and I understand that they were not simulated but were in fact real. It feels odd to watch a film intended for mainstream cinemas with real sex scenes, the actresses had made porno movies before they were cast in this film. It is a subversive film in some ways, it was directed by two women (one of whom wrote the book on which it is based). It was banned in France for the combination of sex and violence. It is an extreme film, so is not for the squeamish but at the same time the violence is no more than something like Scarface. I think it is the combination with sex and that the actresses seem to enjoy the sex.

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