Sunday, January 03, 2016


This week I tried a new liqueur, I bought a pack from Tesco of this drink that included two miniatures and two shot glasses. I asked how much it would be and when the lady on the tills said £2.50 I thought it was cheap enough to try it out. It was obviously a knock down price to get rid of stock bought in just for Christmas. The shot glasses alone will come in useful.
I put the drink and the glasses into the freezer. I didn't really know what to expect. It smelled quite strong, of a sort of aniseed or menthol flavour. That is pretty much what it tasted like. It wasn't completely unpleasant but wasn't as nice as I thought it might be. It had a similarity with cough syrup, being fairly sweet and dark ruby in colour. As it is sold in green glass you don't see what colour it is. I haven't drunk the other bottle, I might save that for another day. A friend of mine said he has enjoyed a drop of it on the ski slopes and I imagine that it would be nice and warming in those circumstances. Or perhaps when hunting deer in the frozen Norwegian tundra!

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