Thursday, August 15, 2013

Football Season Starts 17 August

I like the start of sporting seasons, like the start of the Premiership football competition in England, which starts on Saturday. I don't know why I like the start of the season, it's not like I continue through the rest of the season. I tend to give up following teams by Christmas. I guess there is something comforting about the start of the new season. New players. A fresh beginning with the hope before us that this might be the year that my team actually does well. Actually, last year's season was a pretty good one for my team - probably the best year since some time during the seventies infact, so I shouldn't allow this year's expectations to run away with me. My team is West Brom and they face Southampton on Saturday at 3pm. I'm hoping for a win to start the season on good terms. Our great midfielder Zoltan Gera has been released from his contract, which is a big downer. For an upper we have Frenchman Nicolas Anelka playing for us, he played for Juventas recently and was top scorer in the 2008-9 season. He is 34 now, so lets hope he has the legs because it's not experience he lacks. Team page at the BBC.

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