Sunday, August 11, 2013

Standby switch

I've been on holiday for two lovely weeks. I didn't do the blogging I thought I would or any catching up for work. It's like I've been on standby. It's what I've needed though, that's the point of holidays in my opinion. Just because I've been at home it doesn't mean I can't switch off. Well, it's not quite a total switch off. As my wife is a teacher, she has to use the time I'm at home to catch up with her work for the new term, instead of entertaining our kids. So I've watched films, played video games with the kids and done a fair amount of leisure reading. We didn't do the day trips thing, partially because of feeling a bit broke after ordering a new fridge for the kitchen and a new bed for my son but also the kids were happy just to potter about going swimming and stuff. Tomorrow my standby switch gets hit and I go back to work and the real world.


laura b. said...

I have been enjoying a similar sort of vacation. A week of basically just staying home. Caught a couple of movies, went out to eat a few times, went bowling. But mostly read and watched TV.
Hope your return to work has been going well. I return tomorrow.

FW said...

L.B.: Doesn't sound like there is anything wrong with your holiday either. I hope it was good for you :-)